Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hello guys, how's everyone doing? I've given a lot of task and work in our office, I wanted to take it positively. I know it means more working ours and less sleep, On my previous post, I told you that I'll be sharing a photo of my new car. So here you go, everybody I want you to meet chuck...

Me and chuck

So there you have it, he's a 2005 Toyota Vios. Bought him from a friend who does buy and sell. I was able to install alarm system for him and Boyfriend also got him some visors. Next in line are new tints and preventive maintenance to keep him healthy. :)  Owning a car wasn't easy, you have to be ready for all the expenses that may come along the way. But you know what achieving something that you've been dreaming of for years is priceless. :)

So that's all for now..

With love,


Nuna said...

Nice car! =)

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