Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm Alive

Yes friends buhay na buhay pa ko! Been super busy with work... haaay. But I’m not complaining I love my work, it’s like the fuel that keeps me going. Okay enough of the bolahan. ;) btw I’ll be spending my new years eve with the boyfriends family! So excited can’t even decide what to wear! Haha! As obvious as it is, 2010 is about to end, this year has been a very fruitful year for me, But I won’t be listing down all the achievements/mistakes I had for this year instead I want to share all the things I want to do/accomplish/experience for the year 2011! Oh yeah!  I’m turning 24 next year and somehow I feel that there are still a lot of things that I’m dreaming to do. So let’s get it on….

1.  Buy a new car
Oh well this is my lifelong dream to buy something as great as this from my hard earned money!
2.  Travel on a domestic destination alone 
 I’ve been dreaming to do this for years but I guess I wasn’t brave enough to travel alone,  pero sabi nga nila face your fears!
3.  Be fabulous always
There are times I get so tamad and just grab whatever clothes in my dresser and just look like whatever the entire day! Tsk Tsk!
4.  Clean my closet               
Ang gulo gulo na kasi!
5.  Save money
Hahaha! taon taon na lang ata kasama to sa new year’s resolution ko pero di naman natupad! Malay nyo this is really is it na talaga!
6.  Spend more ME time
Parang work-bahay na lang kasi ako palagi! J
7.  Update this blog more often.
8.  Read books
I used to read books when I was in college, but when I entered the corporate world tinamad na ko
9.   Engage in more extracurricular activities
10. Eat healthy foods
 Picky eater kasi ako.. hahaha!
11. And lastly to travel abroad alone! J
There you go! I promised to blog if ever I accomplished any of these! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE

With love