Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturdates: Dinner + movie

This post is a week late because I have been so busy for the past few weeks… L
Boyfriend and I are both so busy with our jobs, He works as a Medical Sales representative in a pharmaceutical company while I work as an Accountant in a petroleum company. We don’t have much time to go out on weekdays since are schedules don’t usually jive. So to compensate, we always free our Saturdays to spend time with each other, He insisted that I took a rest first before we go on with our date; by the way our plan is to watch a movie and then dinner. Weeks ago I received my reward from globe! I exchange my 600 reward points for 4 movie passes at Ayala cinemas!  (Yipeee!)

We picked Market Market because boyfriend thought maybe we can save gas if we avoid the traffic in Makati. Okay! But duh it’s campaign period and parades are all over the Metro!  Tsk!  He picked me at our house at around 6pm and we reach the mall at around 8pm. What a waste! Anyway, If my memory serves me right I think the movies that time are Piranha, Petrang kabayo and White House. So we chose Piranha, we’re bound for a last full show that will start at 9:15pm.
Since we’re both starving that time, we decided to take our dinner at Pancake house!
We ordered soup 2 pasta chicken and just water for our drinks,

My past, red sauce with beef slices

Boyfriend's pasta, White sauce with Bacon strips.
The soup (Albondigas?)

Chicken Plate
TSK2! Boyfriend can’t wait! He’s dying to eat the chicken! Lol!

The pasta is just so-so for my taste buds, their chicken is too crispy that makes it so hard to eat. I wanna try their Fro-yo but boyfriend said he wants Dairy queen ice cream for desert. :(

Our total bill is 620 .34 PHP, I used the Sodexho GC that I received as an incentive for receiving a reconciliation award in our office (blush!)  
Movie Time!
It’s the remake of the 1978 film Piranha. They actually have the same story LOL! It’s not really scary, very predictable and typical story. An underwater tremor releases thousands of prehistoric, man-eating piranhas, who proceed to dine on the population of a small resort town, which also happens to be hosting thousands of horny co-ed's on spring break. I find it too tragic and bloody! And this odd looking fish is really ugly!
So there you go, that’s how we spend our Saturdays. Expect more Saturdates from this blog because we do this almost every Saturday! J
Till next time Lovelies!

Here you go…

Friday, October 29, 2010

Giveaway from whenchichitsthepan

whenchichitsthepan is giving away these prizes to celebrate her baby's 6th birthday bash! It's my first time to join a blog contest and I hope I win!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where's my shoe??

I am not a shoe collector and I don’t have so much fascination for shoes. In short I am not “Imeldific” in nature. But my frustration about shoes started last weekend. (Story telling time) The Boyfriend and I went on a Saturday date, we decided to go on shopping since a lot of malls are on sale that time. I was hoping to grab a pair of sandals for my office attires, but to my disappointment I found out that most shoe stores here in P.I. don’t offer bigger sizes! Boo for that! My size is 10, yes you read it right I am freaking size ten, Oh well I stand 5’4 so I still believe it’s normal. Haha! Back to the story… I wasn’t able to find a perfect fit for my poor feet because in most stores their biggest size is 9 some have 10 but I doubt if that’s really 10 coz it’s still looks small! Okay, no more ranting. And as you know we girls got so depressed when we weren’t able to buy what we want and obviously that’s what I felt that time.  *sigh.. Now I’m still on a quest in finding my perfect shoe Oh! I sounded like a Cinderella wannabe!  Lol! Can you help me? Where do you usually buy one?

Guess what?? I just found out that Lucy Torres-Gomez feet is also size 10! *Grin J Kisses Everyone!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm trying to find a space here in the cyberworld, then I thought why not blog? hmmmm. This is something new to me so friends please bear with me. I've been a constant fan of blogs for the past few months, I don't know what get in to me to create one. Hope this one will work, You'll be able to read a lot of things about myself, my secrets, emotions, work-life and everything else that I am willing to share publicly. (just in case you want to know something about me) I'm still trying to figure out how blogger works, That's why my page still looks like an empty closet, for a not-so-techie person like me this quite a challenge.Lol! I'm not an English master so please forgive me if there will be some incorrect word usage (harhar). So there you go, My first but definitely not my last post. Comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated, Hope you could help me transform this empty closet into a bombshell! Till next time lovelies! :)