Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am a Woman

I am a woman …

I am a woman of essence, a woman of kindness
I strive to open my mind and my heart
I long to make known my feelings and my thoughts
I am a woman of power and strong will
I believe in making the wrong’s right, I trust in open eyes
I view the angels of love; I touch the petals of care.
I am a woman of nature, a woman of water
I feel the tree from a distance and smell the river from far away
All that heaven is and that earth is not
A woman with vision and action
From above clouds are dancing, I envision a ball room fill with white
White, the meaning of pureness. White the road of innocence.
From above I see sea shells in a rainbow of colors; I see leaves of autumn air
A day light that brings so much, a day rain with sympathy, a tear drop fill with hope
All that love may bring, all that tears may erase
All that a child represents in a small town.
Yes I am a woman of simplicity and empathy
I am a question to all others and the answer is yet to be found
I am an example for my country and humanity
I am the reason and the exception, I am …
All the things here within,
What is out there to be fixed
The blue and the red
The black and the white
The yellow and the green
The orange and the pink       
I am the rainbow, here, now and then.

By: Michka Guerrier


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